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coinTree Creating good, healthy habits in retirement creates a fruitful, rich and rewarding retirement.
Habits can be measured in many ways, what we eat, how often we exercise, saving money for retirement every month.  However, not all habits will bring you down a path toward financial stability.  Listed below are 6 habits of successful retirees that can help you with retirement:

1. Carpe Diem – Seize the Day

To have an active and successful retirement, you can’t sit idly by as if life goes on forever. Instead, successful retirees seize each and every day to stay healthy and happy. You can apply this to all aspects of life, from what you do during retirement to the way you save money throughout your working life. A sense of urgency can call you to action, so you’re more likely to prepare for a great retirement.

2. Retire by the “zeros” in your bank account not the “zeros” of your age

It is largely accepted that the average retirement age is 65 in the U.S. However, not all Americans will leave the workforce at age 65—many will continue working for more years, while others may retire before then. While you might have a certain age in mind, it can be more worthwhile to create a financial strategy that helps enable you to retire based on your finances. Retirement is about independence, not simply age, and money is critical to independence. You should know exactly how much you need to save in order to fund the type of retirement you want.

3. Revisit Your ‘Bucket List’

In many cases, it is best to minimize risks—this is especially true with your finances. However, you don’t always want to live your life on the safe (and boring) side. While helmets and seat belts are about common safely practices, calculated risks based on ones goals and dreams will keep you feeling young. Have a look at your bucket list and make a plan!

4. “An Apple a Day….”

While advancements in the medical field have staved off once common deaths such as, influenza, diarrhea and tuberculosis, there are still many concerns. Today they are heart disease, cancer and stroke. All three are heavily dependent on diet, exercise, smoking, drinking and stress. Given the wonders of modern medicine, think of how long the average life expectancy would be if we weren’t doing our best to shorten it. Get in the habit of keeping yourself healthy.

5. Keep Your Calendar Full

Fostering friendships, relationships and family keep you involved. Humans by nature are social creatures and as such social interaction is a critical element to human happiness. Successful retirees are constantly looking for ways to experience community and connect with friends and family.

6. Refine Your Blueprint

Believe it or not, many Americans approaching retirement haven’t properly planned their finances for later in life. One way to help ensure you have a retirement income strategy that is best for your needs is to seek professional advice. Put together or refine your retirement blueprint. A strategy based on your financial goals will help to ensure you can live a comfortable retirement.