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Best Retirement Locations to Suit your Needs

When it comes to selecting a location to retire, there are many different variables to consider. Though many cities in the United States are specifically set-up with appeals to retirement communities, everyone has different needs their looking to meet. Whether you’re interested in finding a tax haven, or keeping a low cost of living, or enjoying plentiful outdoor activities, the right retirement location is out there for you.

The most common variables when selecting a retirement location are:

  1. Weather
  2. Tax Requirements
  3. Recreational Opportunities

Let us take the hard work out of finding your dream retirement location. Here are some of the best places to retire based on the most commonly selected needs.


When you come to the age of retirement, the weather is no longer a topic used to fill a void in a conversation, but a crucial part of where you choose to live. With less time spent in the office and more time spent at home or enjoying your surroundings, ensuring that your location is suited to your weather needs is an important decision. Whether you’re a snow bunny interested in skiing the slopes, you enjoy the colors of the leaves changing in the fall, or you enjoy summer weather all year long, the right place is out there for you!

For the warm weather lovers, there are a variety of different options for you. From California beaches, the Gulf Coast, or the even the South, there are plentiful retirement cities around. One of the challenges you’ll find with this location is the cost of living.

Naples, Florida

With a staggering 51% of the current population over the age of 65, this prime coastal location, 40 miles south of Fort Myers, Florida is undoubtedly at the top of our list. Naples, Florida is full of high-end shopping, numerous beach locations, and ideal weather year-round. The city is full of beautiful landscapes and ecosystems with an appeal for animal watching, as it’s home to dozens of species. With over 60 golf courses throughout Naples, along with an entire Art Association, the recreational activities are plentiful.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 53 and 93 degrees
  • Median Age – 65.6 years
  • Cost of Living – 21.6% higher than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $334,900
  • Median Income – $80,571

New Orleans, Louisiana

Ranked one of the best places to retire, New Orleans was found to have a great balance of affordability, recreational opportunities, and the opportunity for fabulous weather the entire calendar year. The first thought you have of New Orleans might well be the parties and Bourbon Street. However, there are plenty of opportunities for retirement age individuals as well. A rich culture and plentiful food options coupled with active senior organization make New Orleans a wonderful retirement opportunity.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 45 and 90 degrees
  • Median Age – 35.9 years
  • Cost of Living – 7.5% higher than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $186,000
  • Median Income – $36,964

Portland, Maine

Maine’s largest city, Portland is ranked one of the best places not only to retire, but to live in the US. With beautiful seaside views and a relatively affordable price point, Portland has many opportunities for retirees. Home to two art colleges, two 5-star hospitals, and an international airport, Portland just about has it all. Maine also offers retirees a tax deductible of up to $10,000 as another added benefit.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 31 and 78 degrees
  • Median Age – 36 years
  • Cost of Living – 16.2% higher than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $305,200
  • Median Income – $45,865

Charleston, South Carolina

Ranked numerous times for its extensive livability, Charleston is a beautiful waterfront location that hosts year-round warm weather. With extensive outdoor opportunities and seasonality, this character-filled city is definitely full of charm.  Home to over a dozen golf courses, museums, and biking paths, remaining active during your retirement will be made easy in this lovely southern town.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 38 and 91 degrees
  • Median Age – 34.4 years
  • Cost of Living – 21.5% higher than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $313,700
  • Median Income – $52,971

Tax Havens

Generally, when you get to the age of retirement, you also have a fixed income. That might be a matter of concern, however it doesn’t have to be. There are many different states that offer tax benefits for retirees, or simply states that don’t have taxes. Don’t be mistaken, there are very desirable places to live among those states, take a look at a dew of the most popular and highly recommended locations.

Savannah, Georgia

A moderately sized town, Savannah is both coastal and modern. With a high level of historical integrity at the core and a booming industrial center, the culture of this town is unique. From outstanding heath care to vast shopping opportunities, this tropical city has much to offer. Whether you’re looking for an urban vibe or a coastal paradise, Savannah is able to suit either need. Recreational opportunities are not scarce in the city, as there are over a dozen recreational centers, several golf courses, and hundreds of miles of water. In relation to the tax status, Georgia does not tax Social Security and also provides deductions of over $60,000 on retirement income.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 39 and 92 degrees
  • Median Age – 32.3 years
  • Cost of Living – 12.1% lower than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $134,000
  • Median Income – $36,628

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Though the weather might be an initial fear of moving to a city like Pittsburgh, it still maintains its number one spot on places to retire. With a low cost of living and a low rate of crime, this heath care hub is an ideal place to retire. One of the most important things to consider when looking at a place to retire is healthcare, something that Pittsburgh is well-known for. Pennsylvania does not tax Social security income, one of two states on the East Coast that allows for all pension income to be completely ta exempt.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 21 and 83 degrees
  • Median Age – 32.9 years
  • Cost of Living – 5.8% lower than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $146,800
  • Median Income – $40,009

Recreational Opportunities

The importance of recreational opportunities during retirement stretch further than overall satisfaction. An increase in social activities lead to better cognitive function, maintenance of emotional and physical health, and a longer and happier life. Whether you’re joining a club, volunteering, or engaging in outdoor sporting events, finding an activity that you enjoy is crucial to your quality of life in retirement

Denver, Colorado

Colorado is one of the best places to retire, with Denver coming in as one of the top spots in the state. With a beautiful landscape of mountains and trees, outdoor activities are plentiful in this city. Rated one of the healthiest communities due to its outdoor activities, Denver is home to hiking, biking, skiing, and other leisurely activities. With a walk score above 60, new retirees will have no challenge in finding activities to occupy their time.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 18 and 90 degrees
  • Median Age – 34.4 years
  • Cost of Living – 44.2% higher than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $421,900
  • Median Income – $51,800

Scottsdale, Arizona

Over 23% of the community in Scottsdale are over the age of 65, this city is already a retirement safe haven. With over 3 million acres of landscape, there are options for hiking, fishing, biking, and all other kinds of outdoor activities. Scottsdale also is home to over 30 parks and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve that allows hundreds of miles of hiking and horse trails. Dozens of golf courses line the city of Scottsdale, which people from all over the world travel to play.

Quick Facts:

  • Temperature – Between 40 and 100 degrees
  • Median Age – 46.9 years
  • Cost of Living – 48.7% higher than the U.S national average
  • Median Home Price – $483,500
  • Median Income – $72,455